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132 warners avenue - Bondi Beach

Since 2007

What started from a quiet little corner in North Bondi back in 2007, The Depot has been a mainstay of the Bondi cafe scene for nearly 15 years. 

Guy Turland is a chef who trained in some of Sydney’s top restaurants including Est and Icebergs. He opened The Depot with his Mum, Heather, back in 2007 and a few years his later brother Clint joined the team.

Starting a new chapter in 2021, The Depot upgraded to 132 Warners Avenue an iconic venue loved and remembered by so many locals as Jackie’s cafe.  Helmed by brother’s Guy, Clint and Cade Turland alongside cousin John Kelly, the corner has become a thriving community hub.


Sharing a love of surfing, diving, good coffee and healthy food, the Depot clan say the cafe is about celebrating flavours, simplicity, fresh whole foods and most importantly not taking life too seriously.

The Depot’s success has always stemmed from the importance of family. 

“The difference between a restaurant and a cafe is a restaurant is a place you eat and a cafe is a place you live. Our joy comes from serving our community, creating a space that locals and customers can use as their second lounge room.”

After 15 years of serving our community we’ve seen children grow up and leave home, families start and friends and colleagues come together. Over the years we’ve realised that the Depot is not just about coffee and food its about supporting the community that supports you” Guy Turland says. 

Guy Turland

Personally my food journey began growing up with my Mum, Heather, who was an elite athlete. We were taught to approach food as fuel. Then when I did my apprenticeship and worked in some of the top fine dining restaurants in Australia, it was a different story. Food was a combination of flavour, hard work and art.

Opening the Depot Cafe with Heather back in 2007, gave me the time to run my own kitchen and develop my own style and balanced approach. I’m always asking myself, how can I make healthy taste bloody delicious?